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The essential software for mechanicstechniciansprofessionalsmaintainers

Maintenance Management Platform

Digitize and organize your business, record work and maintenance history and keep your customers informed with unique marketing activities.

Cloud εφαρμογή μηχανικών

The future of your business is here.

MECANO is a digital platform that has come to offer innovative solutions and new possibilities to engineers, technicians and professionals involved in installations, maintenance and all kinds of work on equipment and machinery.

Complete Database

Easily and accurately record clients, equipment and appliances, tasks, backlogs and expenses, with detailed data and quick search.

Warehouse control

Maintain control of your inventory and record detailed information on the status of spare parts, costs and purchase prices as well as contact details of each supplier.

Automatic Notifications

Your customers are automatically notified via email or SMS for the next scheduled maintenance (e.g. service, functionality check, filter change, etc.) of their appliances.

Book Service

Stand out of the competition by providing an online service logbook for each of your customers, sharing online the work you have done on their appliances.

How does MECANO transform your business?

Step #1

Immediate Access

Scan the QR code to get instant access to the history of a registered appliance. You can see failures and maintenance tasks that have been carried out, spare parts and any pending issues.

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Step #2

Complete Control

Record your daily work, and give your co-workers and management team comprehensive information on the progress of various actions. MECANO helps distributing the workload and coordinating the whole team!

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Step #3

Maintenance planning

Set the next maintenance appointment for corrective and/or preventive work. The future tasks you schedule ensure that your daily routine is perfectly organised and increase the reliability of your clients’ equipment.

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Step #4

Timely notifications

With a scheduled maintenance approaching, MECANO notifies you and your customers in time. On time notifications are the key to keeping your business on shape and your clients’ appliances up and working.

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Step #5

Inventory check

Check the stock of spare parts and tools at any time and be prepared for each job. Inventory views will provide you a clear picture of your warehouse status.

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Step #6

Ratings and Marketing

Keep your customers happy by sending them notifications, newsletters or even automated marketing campaigns! You can even request ratings for your services so you can continuously improve!

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What can be recorded in MECANO?

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Air conditioners, Household appliances

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Fire extinguishing systems

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Security systems

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Medical equipment

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Industrial equipment

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Solar Panels

Redefining the equipment management experience.

Cloud εφαρμογή για τεχνικούς

For the engineer

  • Client list
  • Work history
  • Failures history
  • Pending issues
  • Spare parts
  • Photos and Manual documents
  • Next appointment

For the company

  • Work progress
  • Workload distribution
  • Pending amounts
  • Financial transactions
  • Warehouse + Stock
  • Evaluation and customer ratings

For the customer

  • Future periodic maintenance dates
  • Work history
  • Notifications and marketing activities

MECANO for the Environment

Do not neglect maintenance, it is important for all of us!

Proper periodic maintenance results in:

Lower energy consumption

Increased security

Fewer failures

Reduced repair costs

Better health and comfort

A more sustainable environment!

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Air condition

Χρειάζεται συντήρηση

Λέβητας αερίου

Αυξημένα επίπεδα καυσαερίων

Λέβητας αερίου

Θέλει συντήρηση

Καυστήρας Πετρελαίου

Αυξημένα επίπεδα καυσαερίων

Καυστήρας Πετρελαίου

Αυξημένα επίπεδα καυσαερίων

increased consumption due to poor maintenance*

*based on the European Commission. Energy Efficiency Directive

10+1 reasons to choose MECANO


Repetitive tasks (e.g. gas boiler maintenance, boiler cleaning, replacing air conditioning filters etc.) become your own custom service types. Save valuable time and increase accuracy by selecting the template you have already entered, and all the required steps will appear on your screen.

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Inform your customers by SMS that you have received the spare part they are waiting for. For future services you only need to activate the feature and the system will automatically send an SMS notification when your scheduled appointment is approaching.

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Instantly print the day’s actions or the entire history of an appliance and give it to your customer, saving time from handwritten notes. Include operations, failures and spare parts, giving a complete picture of your services.

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Create a QR code for each appliance and scan it to get its history instantly. You turn on your phone’s camera, scan and MECANO takes care of the rest. Searching and registering are now a breeze!

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Organise your time and schedule appointments with your customers with just a few clicks. View your calendar on a weekly or monthly level and get a complete picture of your free time. Don’t worry, your customers will be automatically notified so they won’t miss your appointment.

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Record pending issues related to your business or an appliance that started to malfunction but you didn’t have time to complete all the required tasks. By recording your clients’ outstanding issues you won’t neglect anything in your next appointment.

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Do you have a warehouse with spare parts for different machines? Check your stock and inventory at any time and store all the necessary information, such as the status of each spare part (new or used), the purchase cost and the details of the supplier.

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Data is stored on the cloud, in compliance with all the necessary security requirements. No need to worry about upgrades or backups. Everything is done automatically!

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Create lists of customer groups e.g. gas boiler customers, building owners, medical centers, factories, solar parks etc. and send them mass mailings and targeted advertisements. Create your own promotions to boost your business Brand Awareness and increase your turnover.

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Scattered photocopies, receipts, manuals and documents of your equipment are now a thing in the past. All your images and documents are securely uploaded, so you can keep a well-organised digital archive.

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Put an end to the scattered notes for suppliers. Enter all purchases and credits for each spare part you purchase and MECANO will calculate the balances between you and each supplier. Entering a purchase/credit is so simple as it can be done with one click from the sidemenu.

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Cloud for access from everywhere!

Responsive design to access your data wherever you are


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MECANO in action!


From the very first day of use, digitalization ensures the overall organization of your business, significantly reducing the time spent recording customers, machines of all types, operations, pending tasks and revenues.

MECANO is an integrated computer system specifically for the engineers, technicians and the equipment maintenance industry.

Its’ customer-focused approach will help you keep customers feeling safe and happy. On one hand, you will have full control over the registered work and spare parts you have used, and on the other hand, your clients will be able to check the history of the appliance, its’ maintenance and future work needed.

Intelligent pending management will help you put all the things you and your customers forget in order, and with the warehouse function you’ll know your stock at all times.

Finally, with the help of reports and statistics, you will be able to accurately analyse historical data, understand your needs and draw up an appropriate action plan.

Computerizing your business is a process that requires you to dedicate some time. However, it is not something that should scare you. Technology and modern applications make the whole process much easier.

MECANO is a sophisticated platform that aims to minimize the time of recording and searching for information. Some of the tools that will significantly reduce your time:

  • Searching for a customer, appliance or job can be done from practically anywhere. Either through the general search or through appropriate filters on each page.
  • Repetitive tasks e.g. burner maintenance, periodic air condition check etc. can be standardized and recorded in 2 clicks! Select the “Gas burner maintenance” template. Save, Done!
  • Scan the QR code you have created for each machine e.g. an A/C or a burner and instantly see its maintenance history.
  • Use voice typing to enter long texts, such as a description of a service or notes for a customer.
  • Connect your digital call center and see the customer’s tab open automatically when they call you!
  • Print the entire history of a machine with one click and give it to your customer!
  • Instantly view the balances of purchases and credits for each of your suppliers without having to take out your calculator.
  • Automatically notify your customers when their next scheduled job or their next appliance maintenance appointment is approaching.

Beyond your own organization and control, MECANO offers significant benefits to your customers.

Through the platform you can:

  • Provide an online maintenance logbook so your customers can access their equipment’s work history wherever they are.
  • Also, they will be able to see the details about your next appointment e.g. in 6 months from today maintenance to the cooling/heating system will be needed.
  • Automatically notify your customers of their appointment or scheduled appliance maintenance.
  • Let them know about news and offers that may be of interest to them e.g. free check-up, X discount on the next job etc.
  • And all of the above completely free of charge!

This is what we suggest! We believe it is necessary to try something before you decide.

Contact us at 231 231 7532 or 2410 618 713 to make an appointment for the presentation.

Learn about MECANO

MECANO is ideal for engineers, technicians and all kinds of professionals working in the field of installations, maintenance and generally work on equipment and machinery. The future is digital! Don’t stay behind, contact us and start your digital transition.

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MECANO: Bridging Digital Transformation with Environmental Care

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